Repair, Maintenance, Service and Spare Parts

To ensure the durability of the valves and the system safety we carry out repairs in our house. You supply the valves to us, we make the assessment and submit the cost estimate for the repair. After the completion of repairs and testing we will send back to you the as good as new valves.

The on-site full-service concept, which we have developed for and with our customers, offers an all-round full service. With software that lists the history of the valves as a life cycle we can determine you exactly the revision cycles and minimize time and effort for the shutdowns. We contact you and advise you gladly on-site, arrange the service call with you and draw up a common summary at the postprocessing of the service call. With scheduled shutdowns it is important that the customer can concentrate on the essential and can rely on our service. In addition the concept serves to control costs and allows for better budgeting and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Modifications as Kvs changes of valves or actuators are readily feasible. The wide range of spare and wear parts in Muttenz allows us quick modifications as well as quick services on site.

Give us a try, we will be pleased to support you.


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