History and Philosophy


Foundation of the Max von Rohr AG in Muttenz. Manufacturing and distribution of pneumatic driven valves. Over the years, the production of valves has been expanded to pneumatic control circuits up to the automation, which included complete cabinets with the programming logic, switching elements and writers for the process industry.


New trend has been developed in the process industry. The electronics unit with the signal of 4 – 20 mA came on the market. The control valves could be controlled electro-pneumatically.


Entry into the digital age with our own development.


Relocation of production to Vieux Thann (France).


Business failure of Max von Rohr AG.


Start-up of the von Rohr Armaturen AG in Muttenz as a subsidiary of ARCA Regler GmbH (based in the German Tönisvorst on the Lower Rhine), and became member into the ARCA Flow Group. The acquiring of new customers and selling of new products and spare parts was followed up. After relocating to Vieux Thann, the production and assembly was stopped in Muttenz. The valves were purchased, completed with instrumentation, tested and shipped.


The deadlines and price discussions with suppliers led to a kick-off meeting between Mr Rasmussen, Mr Jenzer, Mr Lenz and Mr Fliegen and they decided to bring the whole activities back to Muttenz. In the starting phase, the castings and rod parts were procured in the ARCA. By reason of flexibility local suppliers for rod parts were sought, qualified and commissioned with manufacturing.


Introduction of the digital positioner ARCAPRO/Sipart PS, in comparison to our market competitors, giving the company a head start in the business.


Introduction of the new business model, which included the sale of control valves up to PN 40 and DN 100, repairs and service.


Competence Center for the ARCA Flow Group in the area of pharmaceutical and sterile applications.


EHEDG and TA-Air approval.


Resumption of production of the positioner 800 series in Muttenz.


Fire Safe Certification of the bottom outlet valve.